Air Diagnostic is a partner of global leaders PURAFIL, PUREAIR and EATON and is an importer and trading company driven by technocrats providing patent technology solution of air purification systems based ondry scrubbing and H2O2 Technology to remove corrosive gases for human and process requirement and UPS solution for Industrial and Commercial requirement. We provide solution for Dust, Smoke, Toxic Fumes, unpleasant odours, microbial air contaminants, respiratory health hazards establishing outstanding results in more than 120 very critical diversified application areas in many Industries across the country.Optimize customer investment & Customer service are key focus of our organization..

Air Diagnostic and Engineering is run by techno-crates having industrial and commercial market experience of 15 years and we do not sell product but provide solution to our client.We provide an all-encompassing approach to air solutions, from professional installations of premium products to comprehensive service. By focusing primarily on Industrial and commercial we have been able to provide personalized service that fits our customer’s exclusive needs.The core strength of our company is ” we care….for air, means we care for client , investment and business. Our customers always come first and we treat you as we wish to be treated. We consider every customer to be like family and respect their business as if it were our own. We strive to build a life-long relationship with each customer and look forward to maintaining that relationship for many years to come.We are partners with companies who believe in solving the problem and not selling the product and with a mission to create a world more healthier and wealthier.
We care for air and we care for you and your Business!.

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